Since 1974, APC has offered consulting and administration services to clients throughout the west who know what a well designed retirement plan can do for them. Not only is a retirement plan one of the best tax shelters available, it is an excellent way of attracting and retaining employees. However, employers are sometimes reluctant to take advantage of these benefits due to administrative complexities. At APC, we know that personal service is the key to a client's peace of mind and satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations, by always being available to answer questions, meet with employees, and review annual reports.


The security and expertise you need

At APC, your retirement plan is not part of a "bigger picture," it is the big picture. We do not handle investments, insurance, or banking, because proper administration of a retirement plan is a serious and complex matter. We prefer to do one thing, and do it well. Our expert staff ensures that your plan keeps pace with revisions in the law, the evolution of your workforce, and your own personal retirement planning needs.


The cost effective choice

Like any professional accountant or investment advisor, we save you money by knowing our business inside and out. We know that the initial qualified plan design can be the most critical element to the overall success of your retirement plan.  Our ability to customize that plan sets us apart from the competition.  Our fees can also be customized.  This flexibility allows us to accommodate a wide range of clientele, from sole proprietors to larger corporations. By maximizing plan benefits and utilizing the latest in software technology, we offer the most cost effective way to support and protect your retirement plan.


Retirement Plans

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Profit Sharing: traditional, age-weighted, tier-rated, and new comparability
  • Money Purchase
  • Defined Benefit
  • Carve-Out

Plan Design

  • Plan design consulting and employee survey.
  • Preparation of Plan and Trust documents.
  • Preparation of sample Board Resolution for plan adoption.
  • Preparation of the Summary Plan Description.
  • Preparation of forms necessary for filing the plan with the IRS for a favorable Letter of Determination.
  • Filing of the plan with the IRS requesting a favorable Letter of Determination.
  • Preparation of Enrollment and Beneficiary Designation Forms and the Investment.
  • Direction and Change Forms, if necessary.
  • Assistance with initial employee meeting about plan features and enrollment.

Plan Administration and Compliance

  • Collection of census information and determination of eligibility.
  • Annual Top Heavy testing.
  • Annual calculation of employer contributions.
  • Annual IRS Code §415 limit testing.
  • Preparation and delivery of Annual Report to the employer.
  • Discrimination testing under IRS Code §401(a)(26) and §410(b).
  • Trust fund accounting.
  • Allocation of gains/losses to participant accounts.
  • Preparation of employee certificates.
  • Preparation of the Summary Annual Report.
  • Preparation of the IRS Form Series 5500 and all related Schedules.
  • Calculation of benefits, preparation of Participant Election Forms and 1099-R Forms for employees separated from the employer's service.
  • Assistance with employer/employee meeting.
  • Consultation relative to on-going administration of the plan.


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